The United States has so many amazing National Parks that it can be overwhelming to choose. But don´t worry – we are here to help you. We are trail finders for you and we have tried dozens of parks. Here`s a handful of our favorites.

Words and photos: Jonas Henningsson

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

A classic that never ceases to fascinate us, you will love it to. You can hike, climb or run exploring the park. Or go rafting down the Colorado River on tours lasting between three days and three weeks. If you are lazy you can even explore by helicopter from Vegas (we have done that too, it was really great, and we are not lazy) The site has good info about the times for sunrise and sunset, depending on the season, a spectacular sight you don´t want to miss.

Grand Canyon, South Rim

Yellowstone National Park, Montana / Wyoming

Yellowstone is spreading through the states of Montana and Wyoming in the Rocky Mountains. Wildlife such as bear, wildcat, bison and wolves can be found here. The best time to visit is spring, the park opens several of the winter closed roads in late April. The southern part is open year round but check the site for updated information. To get here are the two best options to fly to Jackson / Wyoming or Bozeman / Montana, and continue by rental car.

Everglades, Florida

Florida’s best national park is more fascinating underwater than on land. The tropical wetland Everglades is where you go to check out the crocodiles, alligators, eagles and other animals that like to hang out around, or in the water. The classic is to take a trip by hovercraft to check out the animals, but there are many good hiking trails, cycling paths and canoeing tours as well. Parts of the park is open year round, once again, check the site. The easiest way to get to the Everglades is to fly to nearby Miami and rent a car.

Yosemite National Park, California

Expect four hours driving from coastal California, a couple of hours more from Las Vegas, to reach one of California’s most beautiful places in the west. Magnificent nature that offers great climbing, hiking, fishing and biking. The park is open daily all year round, but check the NPS site for updated information on the state of roads, etc.

Facts and information

National Park Service has a really great website where you find all the information you need about the parks.





Jonas Henningsson

Journalist and photographer, founder and editor-in-chief American Trails.