Mighty Manhattan Murals


Throughout the Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights neighborhoods of Manhattan murals of 314 climate threatened bird species are portrayed on walls and doors. The fascinating exhibition is permanent and growing with more murals planned.

Words and photos: Jonas Henningsson

To see NYC most interesting outdoors gallery right now head up to Washington Heights on Manhattan. The artist John James Audobon lived his last 10 years in the neighbourhood and is buried at the Trinity Church Cemetery . To remember the ornithologist ,naturalist and bird painters legacy the Audobon Mural Project was launched by local gallerist Avi Gitler after learning about the Audobon Societys report Birds and Climate Change. At least half of North American birds are threatened by a warming climate. No better way to make the public aware of this fact than to create an outdoor gallery with murals by local artists.


The Audubon Mural Project is a collaboration between the National Audubon Society and Gitler & Gallery. Don´t miss it on your next trip to NYC. Here are a few of the fantastic murals, to see more, go to;





Jonas Henningsson

Journalist and photographer, founder and editor-in-chief American Trails.