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M.C. ESCHER. The Exhibition & Experience

June 08, 2018 – February 03, 2019 at Brooklyn’s Industry City, New York


One of most known Escher pictures.


Hand with selecting sphere, is a self portrait. Look how well M.C Escher would fit in with the contemporary Brooklyn hipsters.


Rind, again working with repetition in the clouds disappearing in the horizon.

One of the perks of having a dad who is an artist is that you as kid get to see a lot of weird stuff. I remember when dad showed me the works of Escher for the first time, weird impossible and mind blowing pictures of stairs that suddenly ran upside down depending on how you looked at them. As a seven year old boy I was blown away. As an adult I saw an exhibition in Madrid and bought a three meter long print of one of his wonderful works that really set your brain into gear.

A typichal Escher work, with inspiration from his visits to Alhambra.

Working close to the mathematics of his time Eshcer created some astonishing work. He visited The Alhambra in Granada, Spain several times and got fascinated by islamic patterns, the repetitions and the geometrical world of tiles. Now you can see the lion part of his work combined with interactive media and really get lost in infinity. Do not miss if you are heading to New York!


Industry City (34 34th Street, Building 6), Brooklyn, New York  

ESCHER. The Exhibition & Experience is the most important and the largest exhibition of M.C. Escher ever presented in the United States.



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