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Cabaret Voltaire, New London, Connecticut

October 9, 2019

In a large house in New London, Connecticut, about thirty people have gathered to listen to music. We are in Daphne Martin’s livingroom, where house shows have been held on and off for 17 years. Tonight, Brian Dolzani from Western Connecticut, Jeff Kelly from Indiana, and James Maple, local to New London. 
Words and photos by Mattias Lundblad

Jeff Kelly.
Brian Dolzani.

Daphne chose her three storey house in order to be able to host house shows. She is a touring musician and part of a close-knit folk music community. It all started with jam sessions at a pub. With time, it evolved into performancees, and the house shows started. Now it is often musicians on tour who make a stop in New London, strategically located halfway between New York and Boston.

Daphne Martin.
James Maple.
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–It is the kind of show I like best. You get one on one interaction. As an audience you feel like you are part of something. You get invited. House shows is the most appropriate venue for the style of music. You get a respectful, listening audience that you can’t get at a bar, says Daphne Martin.

Daphne Martins site 

Facebookpage for Cabaret Voltaire.

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