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Portfolio johannes huwe

September 24, 2021

Johannes Huwe’s America

It is the search for the past and the draw of decay that have pulled me into photographing the forgotten places. The abandoned gas stations, crumbling car garages, or faded motel signs just before their demolition. Every year, more and more buildings and magical, lost places, they disappear. It is in these in-between worlds that I have found myself happily entrenched. I move around as a kind of urban explorer, documenting the beauty of decay with analog photography. 
When I am out exploring, it is in my Porsche 911 from 1975, cruising through the deserts on the hunt for the stories and the backroads that are far away from the tourist masses. Scaled down and clean pictures that long back to the days when the dessert states were blossoming, back to “The Golden Sixties”. I am obsessed with the details in restoring the forgotten, but also fighting for them to be remembered.
Instagram:@americana.mag and @johanneshuwe 
Site: johanneshuwe.com

Concrete tipis, great cars – Hello America!
Only in Palm Springs.
Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn, we love them all.
You can drive in any time you like but you can never leave …
Johannes are some years late for getting gas at this station.
Cocktails and Steak House, thank you Rod.
Johannes travel miles to get the right photo.
Such a nice combo, mid-century house and a Mustang.

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