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A man and his goat, Inverness Park, California

October 9, 2019

Words by Jonas Larsson |Photo by Anders Bergersen

You know that feeling when you fall in love, it’s a such a wonderful feeling. If the subject for your love is a male goat that goes by the nam “Nugget”, you probably understand that the love is totally platonic. 

We had just finished our breakfast at Inverness Park Market, a deli on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, a stones throw from the California coast in Marin County, when I laid my eyes on the handsome goat on the back of a truck. Nugget is a bit reserved, but when his master John show up Nugget relax a bit.

John tells me that he is renting out goats to clear bushes and small trees. 

– It’s way better than machines, they don’t make a lot of noise and they are way better for the environment. Nugget is my favorite, John continues, he follow me where ever I go. 

It turns out that John take tourist on hikes in the beautiful landscape and have a farm you can visit. The to bearded gentlemen have to go to work so we say our goodbyes.

Meet John and Nugget at: Facebook: elephantmountainadventures

Inverness Park Market deli: invernessparkmarket.com

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