words by joe tobiason | photo by jonas larsson

Though you are less likely to see “OOF DA” bumper stickers, The Sloop is still the home for fishermen after a day on the Puget Sound. The Sloop is one of the few true dive bars in the rapidly gentrifying and modernizing Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle. This traditionally Scandinavian neighbourhood has seen most of the old guard disappear in favour of modern cuisine or trendy shops.

The tavern was originally opened in 1952 and moved to its current location in 1977. They are best-known to Seattlites as the place of the Sloop Yacht Club (a weekly social club that meets year-round and races in the summer) as well as the “Slooper Sized” beers which deliver 34 oz of your favorite suds. It’s also one of the few places where you can play a round of pool or darts in a neighborhood where every square foot seems to be quickly turning to condos.

Ballard, Seattle
2830 NW Market St, Seattle