Our good Danish friend Henrik Lange have travelled the US more then most people. To the extent that he has his own company Highways-USA.com where he shares his best travel tips about the US. The amount of time Henrik spent in the car is impressiv. Now you can read all about it and plan your own road trip in the US! 

A day at the beach.

Henrik also have 12 great road trip guides that you can buy and download. How about:

The Pacific Coast in 11 days from Seattle to San Francisco – https://highways-usa.com/stillehavet

Highway 1 in 3 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles – https://highways-usa.com/highway1

Rocky Mountains including Yellowstone and Black Hills – https://highways-usa.com/rocky-mountains

We can highly recommend them to those of you who read Danish, yes Swedes you can! Amazing fact: Danish have as hard to understand spoken Swedish as the other way around!!! Reading on the other hand is a piece of cake. 

Go visit Henrik at: Highways-USA.com right now!