Craft. We love small brands where their products are made with love, care and with the highest quality. Both Ginew and Cobra Rock are two companies like that. We met with Logan and Colt when visiting their store Cobra Rock in Marfa in south west Texas a few years back. We where really impressed by their work. On vintage – the best – machines they made some really nice boots. And they are lovely people.

When we then met with Erik at Ginew in Portland Oregon, he told us that Ginew started as a thought when they visited Marfa. It turned out we met a lot of the same people (Marfa is a very small town) among them Colt and Logan of course.

The small, but very cool, town of Marfa, Texas. Photo: Anders Bergersen.
It’s hand made!
Trusty ol’ sewing machine.

Now Ginew have a little shop in shop at Cobra Rock in Marfa. You should definitely stop by. You can read about Marfa in our issue no 4 (get it here) and about Ginew in our issue no 7 (get it here).

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